Demonfire 10440 Battery Li-Ion Protected Rechargeable


  • 600mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable battery with PCB
  • These batteries are NOT regular AAA batteries and can only be used in devices that specifically accept high voltage 10440 batteries
  • Built-in protection circuit module (PCB) increases length of battery by ~2mm
  • Includes quad battery storage case to safely and securely store and protect your batteries
  • US based seller dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service

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Works great in flashlights and other devices that can take 10440 batteries. Includes built-in PCB.
Note: These are NOT AAA batteries. These batteries runs at 3.7 volts. Please make sure that your device is designed to operate using 10440 batteries.

• Capacity: 600mAh
• Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
• Dimensions: 46.1±0.2mm Length, 10.3±0.2mm Circumference
• Operating Discharge Temperature: -20 to 60 Degrees Celsius
• Standard Charge: 0.2C CC/CV to 4.2V, current ≤ 0.01C cut-off
• Cycle Life: 300 cycles
• Weight Per Battery: 8g

Each Battery Includes:
• Brand New Demonfire 10440 600Mah Li-Mn Button-Top Battery
• Quad Battery Case (holds up to 4 batteries total)