What is an IMR battery?

An IMR battery is a type of lithium-ion battery that uses LiMn204 (also known as LMO) as a major component of the cathode material. A property of LiMn204 is that it cannot be overcharged. Depending on the percentage of nickel-containing layered metal oxide as the co-cathode, an IMR battery cell can be inherently more resistant to overcharging than other battery cells.

Who are we?

The founders of Demonfire Batteries are a pair of American entrepreneurs with a dream and a purpose – to produce high-quality, reliable, and affordably priced batteries for our customers.

Where are we located?

Our company is based in Northern California, and our batteries are produced by a comprehensively vetted, reputable manufacturer in Mainland China that is known for producing high-quality, strictly tested products.

Do we ship outside of the U.S.?

We only ship to customers within the United States.

Why did we choose a brand name with the word “fire” in the name?

We like fiery demon skulls. The idea of infernal energy powering devices makes us smile. Thus, Demonfire. Yes, we’ve heard about the stigma. Some folks out there will tell you to avoid any battery with the word “fire” in its name. However, customers who have tried our products will tell you a different story. But don’t take our word for it. Reviews and ratings of our batteries on eBay and Amazon speak for themselves.

What exactly is the stigma against “fire” batteries?

Initially, Chinese brands with the word “fire” in their brand name produced decent consumer batteries that became popular in the mainstream. After this happened, a slew of imitators replicated the overly simple design of the original batteries and produced a host of low-quality, sometimes dangerous fakes which flooded the market. Incidents of volatile, exploding rechargeable batteries started popping up in the media, social media, and forums – causing consumers to become wary of any battery bearing the “fire” designation.

How are we different from other “fire” batteries?

Our batteries are produced by a well-respected, carefully-vetted manufacturer in China with a reputation for quality and excellence. Our batteries come from a single source so we can ensure consistent build-quality and testing. Since we only sell our batteries in the U.S., we have tight control over who can sell our batteries and are ready to shut down any attempts to fake our products. Our consumers can be confident that when they purchase a Demonfire battery, they are getting an authentic, original product.